LVL MM+BM+PM+MC+TS+SI+ Spec False Profession

You can use the + next to each nanoskill to add/substract to the inputed value.

Included MP Buffs

Remove selected buff from inputed values

MP Buffs

Add selected buff to total skills

Trader Buffs
Trader Drains
Modify stats

Prefix with - to subtract

Todo list and notes
  • 2011-02-03 List now works with false profession.
  • 2010-05-15 You can now select rows (just click anywhere on the row) and get a list sent to an ingame (RK1 only) character.
  • Missing nanos, bugs, wrong info etc etc should be reported at
  • I'm still working on this (just the database right now thou) so things can just stop work... but if it does it probably means I'm fiddling with something and it should work again within a few minutes.
  • Nanos aren't listen after nanoschool. For example, all adventurer morphs are the same nanoschool but are split into each animal type instead. So this means you can't rely on the type here to find out which nanos stack, just which ones you can use.
  • Instead of adding save/load I switched to use a different menthod for sending the form information. So now the url itself will hold all info, so if you want to save info you just have to bookmark the page. Save/load would have been neater, but this is a lot easier for a lazy coder like myself. Maybe I'll change it in the future. This way you could post the url to friends if you want to.
  • I know the js is crap and I should redo a *lot* of it.. but I'm just lazy. I also use some bad coding here and there but you just have to live with it. It works so I'm not going to change it anytime soon, even if I agree the code is (the html is too!).
  • Crat charms divided into long/short.
  • Go over all types and have uniform names across profs (easy to have a lot of different names when you edit things over weeks).